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Seventies Hairstyle

In the seventies hairstyles were revolutionary. With the advent of the Corsair blow drier, people were able to style their hair, bigger and better than ever before. From coiffured bouffantes, to bobs with bangs, in the sevenies hairstyles were new and exciting and entirely different to anything seen before. Now in 2007, with our love of all things retro, some of those styles are coming back in in a big way. Check out these seventies celebrities, such as the girls from Abba and Charlies Angels, their use of the hair drier was awesome. From bends and curls to quirky flicks, these ladies knew what they were doing.

These pictures should give you a small feel for what was hot in hair fashion in the 1970s. You can see how nowadays peoples hairstyles are taking a step back and that these seventies hairstyles would no look out of place in a high tech club in 2007.

So whether you have long or short hair, whether it is thick, fine, dark or blonde. Take inspiration from these sevenies style icons and get a seventies hairstyle today.
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