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Miley Cyrus sweet little sixteen

Miley Cyrus sweet little sixteen

Miley is currently the biggest star in America, has earned it with the television show Hannah Montana, which depicts teenager, who lives a double life: by day living a simple life of girls who go to school at night she changes into music star.

Miley Cyrus is successful both in singing and in playing:

Her first role, she already won in nine years old, was followed by several smaller roles in the 12 years it has participated in the auditions for the role in Disney Hannah Montana, where it was initially denied, and then they changed thier mind. Obviously was a smart decision, since the series, with Miley at the forefront, now reaps a huge success, so great that the producers decided to record the film, which is assumed to be expected in spring 2009. Miley has also lent his voice for character from the new animated film Bolt, in which also acts John Travolta.

She also went on a concert tour in the United States of America, which is due to the large interest last renewed. Tickets for all 69 performances are gone in record time, with the help of the well earned Jonas Brothers on tour. By Nick Jonas was involved in a relationship that lasted two years, following the example of a young Britney Spears despite claims to remain a virgin until marriage.

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