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Christmas Hairstyles 2006

Hairstyles For Christmas 2006
It is easy to dress up your hair this Christmas, there are so many pretty and festive hair accessories that can easily be incorporated into any hairstyle. On the left the hair has been scraped into a ponytail, secured with a band and then to give that extra sparkle an Xmas Psy hair clip has been fastened to the top of the ponytail.

Hair bands with Christmas coulours, like red, green and gold, can really add a festive feel to a simple hairstyle. This is great for casual Christmas hairstyles and also for more formal Christmas party hairstyles. Adds a touch of chic to an otherwise normal look.

Christmas head scarves can cover all manner of bad hair days this Christmas! Of course these Christmas hair wraps also keep your head cosy and warm whilst looking very fashionable and attractive too.

Just a triangle of cloth, can be tied around the head, secured at the back, keeping your hair tucked away and looking festive and Chritmassy. Not exactly a Christmas hairstyle, more of an Xmas Hair Hider!

For a special occasion this Christmas, this one is really worth the effort. A snowflake hairstyle effect is created using simple hair clips, attached strategicall in a gathered updo. This is a very glamourous Christmas look and adds style and interest to your hairstyle. A Christmas party, even Midnight Mass, dress up your hair this hristmas with festive clips and accessories, so that you have the Christmas hairstyle of the year!

Kelly Osbourne has gone for the Christmas present hairstyle look. It is a cracker thats for sure! Of course this Xmas hairdo doesnt necessarily need long hair to achieve the style. A few well pace hair extensions and some cunning bow tying with them, can have you dressed up like this for a great and cheery Christmas hairstyle look.

Kelly has gone from strength to strength in 2006 and her Christmas 2006 hairstyle is no exception. We think this one should be kept under the Christmas tree and unwrapped on Christmas day!

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In the meantime hope you have found some inspiration for your hairdos and hairstyles this Christmas 2006!
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