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Wedding Hairstyles

Do you need ideas for your wedding hairstyle? Here are beautiful wedding hairstyles and haircuts for your wedding that will create an awesome look. Browse the internet to get ideas for the your bridal hairstyle that will suit you. Choosing hairstyles that match each person is not easy.

The Boy Cut is a favorable alternative for you who prefer short hairstyles. This hairstyle is bringing out your eyes and lips. The front bangs are mixed to frame the face.

Medium hairstyles offer comfortable hair length. It is not too long or too short. Change the layout of the hair, from straight to curly to wav.

Wedding hairstyles long are always a great look, beautiful, and elegant. You can add accessories and decorative designs.

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Tips for Long Hairstyles : How to Do a French Braid: Long Hairstyles

Learn how to do a French braid with a long hairstyle with expert hair styling tips in this free beauty video clip. It is quick and easy to do that beautiful hairstyle. But in France, they call that sort of braid "african braid"!

Expert: Terri Lynne
Bio: Terri Lynne is a freelance hair and makeup artist for film and TV production. She received her hair and makeup training through the University of Winnipeg in Canada.

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Coco Rocha Accepts Model of the Year Award at the ELLE Style Awards 2011

Coco Rocha in Alexander McQueen Cream Lace Dress at the Elle Style Awards 2011
Coco Rocha attened to the Elle Style Awards 2011 to receive her ‘Best Model’ Award. This comes a few months after Marie Claire named her the model of the year for 2010. The Canadian model looked beautiful wearing an Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 longsleeve dress. The cream lace dress was unfortunately paired with Alexander McQueen spring 2011 t-strap studded peep-toe sandals.
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Karen Gillan at the ELLE Style Awards 2011

Doctor Who actress, Karen Gillan is a strong contender for one of the most stylish British actresses of the moment. Although overshadowed by some bigger names at the moment, with more appearances like her one at the ELLE Style Awards night, she’ll quickly move her way up the list.

She appeared at the ELLE Style Awards and instead of wearing a designer dress, the 23 year old actress kept it casual in a pair of navy shorts and a Peach blouse complete with beige woven belt and black patent heels. We think she looks super stylish and pulls of the casual look extremely well. We have put together a few suggestions so you can easily recreate her look.

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Justin Bieber Short Haircut at the MTV Video Awards 2010

Justin Bieber Short Haircut
Justin Bieber arrives at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. Live in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber is known for his side swept hairstyle, and according to him, it only takes five minutes to fix!

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Justin Bieber Wins International Breakthrough Act Award at the Brit Awards 2011

Justin Bieber accepts International Breakthrough Act Award from Avril Lavigne
Justin Bieber wora a slick black and white ensemble,  meandered down the red carpet and kept a rather straight face while his picture was being snapped up at the Brit Awards in London (February15 , 2011). After being snubbed by the Grammys, Justin Bieber made no secret of the fact he was ‘disappointed’. But Canadian pop sensation won International Breakthrough Act against the Glee cast, Bruno Mars, The National and The Temper Trap. Justin accepted her award from Avril Lavigne. And after missing out on best new artist and best pop vocal album at the Grammys just a few days ago, there was no disguising his delight.

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Emo Hairstyle- Professional Cut or Home Cut?

Although the emo hairstyle is agreeable to receiving a cut at home, it is difficult to see the back of our heads or hair clearly.
 Therefore, a professional cut is often the way to go. However, once you have a professional cut, you can always have a friend or family member trim your hair for you to maintain its look.
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How to Create Emo Hairstyle Spikes or Shag

Use hair styling products to mold your emo haircut to look the way that you want it to. In particular, a sculpting gel that offers a long lasting hold is going to provide the best performance. Gels that stiffen your hair allow you to spike it as well as allowing the spike to remain. Hair sprays can also be used to help maintain your styling efforts.

Follow these steps to create the spikes or shaggy look that you prefer for your hair.
•Style your hair immediately after shampooing while it is still wet. If you aren‘t planning to shampoo your hair at the time, simply wet your hair.
•Place a generous amount of gel on your hair and work it through with your fingers.
•Shape your hair into the spikes or shags that you would like to have.
•Blow dry your hair until it is completely or almost completely dry.
•Add more gel as needed to maintain your spikes.
•Avoid using a brush once you have styled your emo haircut.
•If you want to ensure that your hair stays set, use a strong–hold hairspray to spray it generously.
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Emo Hairstyle Basics

If you have been wearing your emo for a while and it‘s time for a change, consider the possibility of adding highlights, streaks, or coloring the bangs to achieve it. In fact, coloring the bangs in a spectrum of shades that range from light to dark or vice versa is a real eye catcher.
Popular colors for highlights currently tend to be red or purple. Highlighting the layers on long emo haircuts is also another popular styling technique. The shaggy and uneven nature of an emo haircut necessitates that you use a color that will show through your base coat, if you decide to highlight your hair. Usually, a brighter color than the base coat is all that you need to show off your style.
One of the most common emo hairstyles is to dye the hair jet black and styling it with long bangs. Other popular colors include blue, red, and purple. In fact, the more unnatural the color is, the better some people like it. Everyone who decides to go with an emo hairstyle does not decide to dye his or her hair. Many people are now keeping their natural colors and simply adding highlights to it.
No special hair styling equipment is necessary fro an emo haircut. However, if you need to straighten your hair for the right effect, then you might need to obtain a hair straightener or iron if you don‘t already have one. Plus, if you decide that you want to shear one side of your head, then you will need to purchase electric shears.
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Emo Bangs

For those with straight hair, achieving the fringe of bangs is easy. However, individuals with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair often need to go to great lengths to maintain the trademark look of the bangs that simply must be attached to an emo haircut. In fact, today‘s manufacturers are partially responsible for making the emo accessible to so many individuals.
An entire plethora of hair styling products exist for taming the wild look of curls and wavy lengths of hair. From smoothing lotions to hair wax to anti–frizz products to hairsprays to hair gels, the number of hair products that help to place errant hair under control is large enough to ensure that everyone can find something that works for them. Additionally, hair straighteners, hair irons, and blow dryers can all be utilized to help create that wall of long bangs that simply must lie correctly in order to achieve the true emo look.
Depending upon the type of hair that you have and the reaction that it presents with the various methods for straightening it, you might need to go through a trial and error process to discover the hair product that works best for you. The bangs are an essential aspect of the emo haircut, so they must be perfected.
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Long Emo Hairstyle

The long emo haircut involves a long and shaggy cut. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe and brushed to one side of the face in the same manner as with the short emo haircut. The long bangs are parted to one side of the face with the right side being the more popular one to flip the bangs to fall upon.
The long emo hairstyle often appears in dark colors and it frames the face while sweeping to one side. Females tend to prefer the longer emo with long bangs in the front and the hair is usually layered. However, males also wear this longer version of the emo haircut.
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Perfect Emo Hairstyle For 2011

One of the trendiest hairstyles to date, the emo hairstyle is on the fast track to popularity among the younger crowd. While some parents simply abhor the emo fad, others are intrigued by the unique style that a properly arranged emo haircut can present. A tangent from the gothic or punk sub–culture, the emo hairstyle transcends the realm of styling your hair simply to look good and becomes an expressive form. The emo haircut allows the expression of individuality and creativeness. The basic emo hairstyle can be found as a short look or as a long look with similarities between the two.
 The short emo haircut involves a short and spiky cut with very long bangs. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe that lies over the face, but brushed to one side. The bangs essentially cover one eye, completely or almost completely. This fringe of bangs presents a canvas that can be used to express individuality with highlights and streaks.
Males tend to prefer the shorter emo haircut that is short and spiky in the back and includes a long fringe of bangs in the front. However, females also wear this shorter version of the emo haircut.
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How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyle – Step By Step Guide

Eva Longoria may play a desperate housewife but her hair is purely divine. If you want to get your own version of Eva Longoria’s hairstyle, read on for the inside scoop.

Step 1
Wear this hairstyle if you have thick hair that has some natural wave to it. Straight hair can still apply for this style but it may take a little more work to get it there.
Step 2
Cut your hair like Eva Longoria’s hair in a long, layered shag cut. The length of the hair can vary but should be at least to your shoulders for best results.
Step 3
Layer beginning approximately at mouth level in the front and left a little longer in the back. The hair is angled and layered to meet the bottom length giving long, soft layers that will give you tons of styling options.
Step 4
Don’t wear bangs with this hairstyle. Instead the hair is worn with a middle part and frames the face.
Step 5
Apply a volumizing mousse to towel dried hair and section off your hair so a two-inch section remains at the bottom and the rest is pinned up and out of your way.
Step 6
Begin blow drying the first section with a paddle brush and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment. Point the nozzle of the blow drier down at the hair to seal the cuticle and promote smoothness.
Step 7
Work your way up the top of your head, making sure each section is completely dry before beginning another.
Step 8
Give yourself a middle part and finish smoothing those final layers when you reach the top layers of your head.
Step 9
Heat up a large-barreled curling iron and use it to create the big, flipped back curls in Eva Longoria’s hairstyle.
Step 10
Start at the back of the head and take a section of hair approximately two inches wide that runs from the middle of your head down to the bottom of your hair. You want to leave the top layers of your hair out of the curling iron and keep them lying smooth.
Step 11
Close the curling iron onto the ends of the first section, making sure the very ends are inside the barrel’s clamp to avoid kinks. If some of the layers fall out while adjusting don’t worry—you can curl those ones separately.
Step 12
Twist the curling iron back and away from your face while you wrap the entire section around the curling iron. Stop wrapping when your iron is sitting an inch away from your scalp in an up and down position. Let the hair sit for three to four seconds to allow the heat to penetrate all the hair.
Step 13
Release the clamp and carefully slide the barrel of the curling iron down and out of the newly formed curl by lowering it until it “falls” out the bottom. You want to preserve the curl as is as much as possible so it can cool in its new shape.
Step 14
Repeat this process with all the layers of your hair until you have many, large and long curls that bend back and away from your face.
Step 15
Coat your hands with a styling wax and gently separate the curls. You still want to leave the basic shape so don’t play with them too much. The wax will help define your curls into many tiny flips that blend and flow towards the back of the head.
Step 16
Finish off with a light misting of hairspray. Be careful not to overdo it on the hairspray—this style should have movement and be touchable. Helmut heads aren’t trendy.

Final Note:

Eva Longoria’s hairstyle looks twice as nice thanks to bold highlights throughout. Try adding some lighter sections to your hair for the same effect.
If you can’t be bothered with all that curling try wearing the same hairstyle straight. Flip the layers back while blow drying and go for a sleeker version of Eva Longoria’s hairstyle.
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celebrity short hairstyles for women

 Short hairstyles Haircuts Photo are the most versatile of all. If you opt for extra short hairstyles or hair cuts Pixie Bob, you can easily go from day to night in minutes. Want to forms of short hair for special occasions or just to leave your hair dull routine? Learn how to style short hair cuts with advice and tips with just a few simple products and styling tools on the right.

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new haircut 2011

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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles for 2011

Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon.  She is one of the few girls that made it from the Spice Girls and is still around, flaunting the beautiful Victoria Beckham hairstyles for 2011 for all of us to see!  Victoria has made the short, cropped and angled look an icon and below, we are going to go through some of the Victoria Beckham hairstyles for 2011 that you can expect to see strutting on down the runway!
Victoria might not have ditched the cropped bob all together but she is doing a lot of uptown updos nowadays.  What this means is that her hair is sleeked back and pinned up.  It looks soft, romantic and sets off some of the harsh features that she has on her face.  While beautiful, face it, Victoria can look mean too and this hairstyle sets it off beautifully!
Of course, you are always going to see the angled bob, for that is her signature and it is a staple in the Victoria Beckham hairstyles for 2011 collection; however the colors are going to be switched up between soft browns and maybe even some blacks or blonds.  We are not sure just yet what Victoria is planning, but that bob better not go anywhere, we love it!
Finally, if Victoria is feeling brave in 2011, she might go back to that cute little Rosemary’s Baby pixie cut that looks breathtaking on her.  Keep the Victoria Beckham hairstyles for 2011 in mind, who knows when you may want to make a switch!
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Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles for 2011

Kimberly Caldwell is one of those celebrities that is constantly pushing the envelope and constantly switching up her style and in this article, we are going to talk about some of the most popular Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for 2011 so that way you will be able to be kept in the loop about this beautiful celebrity!  Kim Caldwell is known for her beautiful layered bob and in 2011, we can expect to see more layered bobs from this quirky little celebrity.
To achieve the Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for 2011 look, there are many ways that you can do it and one way is by looking at getting a choppy little bob, right above your shoulders.  The bangs should be side-swept and the part should be deep to the left.  The color is blond and overall, this is a look that can look really messy or can look really polished, it just depends on what you are going for.

This is a look that is extremely timeless and truly does look good on every single person.  Any Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for 2011 look amazing on anyone, especially if you are looking for something fresh and new.
The Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for 2011 are easy to achieve and certainly the cutest hairstyles in the world.  If you are looking to update your look and to achieve some of the beautiful Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for 2011, it is easy, just follow these tips and tricks and keep in mind that layers bobs are very in right now!
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Katy Perry Hairstyles for 2011

Katy Perry is by far the one of the most popular artists in the world, everyone has her plugged into their iPod or iPhone and they are constantly keeping up with her trends.  She is a true trend setter and when it comes down to Katy Perry hairstyles for 2011, we have the scoop!  Katy Perry is a classic beauty and that is not something that you find all that often.  Her black hair that she has now is breath taking and easy to achieve as well.

What a lot of people do not know about Katy Perry hairstyles for 2011 is that there are actually a lot of layers in her hair, so if you are looking to bump up the style, you want to go with layers.  You also want to make sure that you dye your hair black, for the blackest black is very in right now – especially in the way of Katy Perry hairstyles for 2011. The final tip that you want to do is make sure that you have the flipped out curled ends, for those are definitely a trademark for Katy Perry.  Curls are very in this season and pin-curls are definitely the way to go, for they hold still and look very fifties, just like Katy Perry!  After you get the curls, just a quick spray of hair spray along with some shine spray and you will be all set.  The Katy Perry hairstyles for 2011 look is very easy to achieve, you just have to know how to do it.

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Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles for 2011

Lindsay Lohan is absolutely a disaster most of the time but when it comes to her hairstyles, she is typically one of the most stylish looking celebrities in the world.  Below, we are going to discuss some of the hottest Lindsay Lohan hairstyles for 2011 and we are going to work out some awesome looking looks that mimic this beautiful train wreck of a star.

One of the first Lindsay Lohan hairstyles for 2011 that we are going to explore include her loose bun.  Lindsay is known for her no-fuss and no mess attitude and that is why a loose bun is by far the best choice when it comes to Lindsay Lohan hairstyles for 2011.  This is a great hairstyle for anyone that has really fine hair or medium hair.  It is also super easy to pull off, it works great for mornings and evenings!
While the hair is still wet, spray the hair with a little leave-in conditioner, and then create a side part for a very sleek and different look.  Pull the hair back into a ponytail at the nap and then create a bun and secure it with some pins.  This works great for any day of the week and looks incredible on anyone!  If you want Lindsay Lohan hairstyles for 2011 this is a favorite!  Whether you are going out on the town or just looking to look a little different at work, this is a great look to pull off.
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Jessica Alba Hairstyles for 2011

Jessica Alba is one of those celebrities that is constantly changing up her look, constantly switching up her look and she is one of the few celebrities that can really pull off anything!  Here, we are going to talk about quite a few Jessica Alba hairstyles for 2011 and explore some of the plans that this beautiful actress has in store for her beautiful blond tresses!
The first Jessica Alba hairstyles for 2011 hairstyle that we are going to talk about is on the medium side and it is the side-swept bang, pin-curl look that she pulled off recently at many different events.  The color is a deep dark honey and it looks beautiful with her complexion.  You want something different?  Well, some Jessica Alba hairstyles for 2011 might include her going long again.  Do you remember the long hair with the fringe bangs?  How beautiful that looked?

What about her long and wavy hair?  This is a great way for Jessica to try something a little different and switch it back over to curls.  Curls and waves are in, in 2011 and this look just proves it.  You want more Jessica Alba hairstyles for 2011?  Well, how about switching gears and heading over to a bob with some side-swept bangs?  This is a look that she has right now and it is lighter than she typically goes.
No matter what look Jessica Alba goes with, we all know that we are going to love it and love her.  Just keep these hairstyles in mind and who knows, you may want one!
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