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Hair Bangs Styles

Hair Bangs Style Type: Short and Choppy
Cool to the nth de­gree, this bob features, chunky temple-hugging panels and crown layers that are styled for roundness.

  • IS IT YOU? If you’re going for a short hair cut with this much over­all edge, you need a lot of attitude, fairly even features and a proportional face shape.

Hairstyles Hair Bangs
Slanted Hair Bangs
Hair Bangs Style Type: Slanted
Bold, chevron-shaped hair bangs style angling smoothly to one side create a two-cuts-in-one effect when the back of the crown is ultra-lifted.
  • IS IT YOU? Hair pros recommend this hair bang type for its ability to add soft­ness to strong face shapes; try it if you have square, oblong or round face shape.

Piecey Hair Bangs
Hair Bangs Style Type: Piecey
Piecey, angled hair bangs style coming off a full crown echo this bob’s asymmetry and choppy edges.
  • IS IT YOU? Pointy hair bangs styles can soften a round face’s curves and a square face’s strong jawline. It also flatters the oblong face, as it draws the eye upward. Keep in mind that if your hair is curly, they’ll be tough to maintain.

Hairstyles Hair Bangs
Eye-Veiling Hair Bangs
Hair Bangs Styles Type: Eye-Veiling
A blonde with a short, layered haircut gets major mileage from curvy, pieced-out hair bangs falling past the lashes.
  • IS IT YOU? The look’s a great choice if you have a high forehead that you’d like to conceal; it won’t work so well if your hair is super thick and/or curly.

Hairstyles Hair Bangs
Pouffy Hair Bangs
Hair Bangs Style Type: Pouffy
Full, slightly asymmetrical hair bangs is a perfect match for this Paris Hilton’s retro-inspired pageboy.
  • IS IT YOU? Hair bangs styles like these will disguise a high forehead and help draw at­tention away from a wide jawline, which is typical of the inverted triangle face shape.

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