Paid To Popup Hairstyle Design: Long Hair Styles Dominate Awards Hairstyle Design: Long Hair Styles Dominate Awards

Long Hair Styles Dominate Awards

These long hair styles win celebrity best tressed survey!

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles & Katy Perry topped the charts (in that order) in the 16th annual Sally Beauty Best Tressed Survey. The survey polled results from 1,000 American women on the best and worst celebrity hair styles of the year.
Long layered haircuts have clearly been the trend in celebrity hair styles for the last year and more. This poll is another indication that long hair styles are here to stay for a while longer. These long hair styles have varied mostly with the cutting in of bangs or no bangs. Side swept bangs, blunt bangs, wispy bangs or choppy bangs all contribute to changing the overall look of long hair styles, so find out if bangs are right for you.
This poll also included some questions on personal hair care that had some surprising results, check it out below.

Best Women’s Celebrity Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles
Jennifer Lopez Long Hair Style
Jennifer Lopez’s long hair style with multi-dimensional color has always been a winning combination. Here her hair takes on an ombre color affect with lighter blonde on the bottom half of her strands.

Long Hairstyles
Beyonce Long Hair Style
Beyonce’s long hair style resembles Jennifer’s in both the haircut sans side swept bangs and the multi-dimensional brown hair color. Chocolate brown with warm cinnamon highlights are perfectly fit with her skin tone and soft face framing waves are beautiful too!

Long Hairstyles
Katy Perry Long Hair Style
Katy Perry makes a statement with her light pale skin-tone and deepest darkest brunette hair color. She adds some bling at the 2010 MTV Awards with pink, purple and blue highlights. Once again a curled long hair style is the haircut and hair style that wins best tressed!

Best Men’s Celebrity Hairstyles

Hair Styles for Long Hair
Tom Selleck wins with Gotee
Hair Styles for Long Hair
Ryan Reynolds
Hair Styles for Long Hair
Justin Bieber 3rd Place

Worst Hair Styles Women

Hair Styles for Long Hair
Lady Gaga at the Grammy's

Worst Hair Styles Men’s

Hair Styles for Long Hair
David Hasselhoff
Here are some added results from the Sally Beauty Survey given from December 13, 2010 to December 16, 2010
  • 26% want their hair to be shiny
  • 24% want their hair to be smooth and/or curly
  • 60% turn to hairstylist for recommendations for special event hair
  • 29% choose special event hair based on trends
  • 11% choose from celebrity photos
  • 42% do not rely in reviews when purchasing styling tools
  • 32% say $20. is the most they will pay on a beauty product
  • 20% say $10. is their limit
  • 75% believe the right hair care products & hair style can take 5-10 years off their look
  • 60% say price is biggest influence over what hair care products they buy
  • 27% purchase products based on hairstylist recommendation

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